I am a writer living in Brooklyn, New York. My work includes personal essays and vignettes, non-fiction novellas, original opera librettos, and miscellaneous belles lettres. For fun I dabble in “urban haiku,” found or overheard poems, and other improvised poetic forms.

BIO: I was born in England and grew up in Indianapolis, Indiana and Ann Arbor, Michigan. I studied fiction, poetry, and literary non-fiction at Interlochen Arts Academy and continued writing at Bennington College. I ultimately graduated from Bard College, where I studied with renowned novelist Norman Manea and completed an essay collection under the tutelage of Pulitzer Prize winner Elizabeth Frank. I earned an MFA in creative non-fiction from Columbia in 2002, at the height of the so-called memoir craze. (Luckily, problems with attention span confined me to mildly lurid confessional essays, a smattering of which are included on this site to cater to your schadenfreude.) After ten years as a freelance writer/editor and small-time landlady (the kind from Dostoevsky novels who’s always banging on the delinquent student’s door, weeping, and begging for the rent,) I’m getting my Master’s of Library Science in hopes of becoming an archivist and digital curator.

PAST WORK: Highlights from my past work include the libretto for “The Rat Land,” a contemporary chamber opera by composer Gordon Beeferman that twice appeared at New York City Opera’s VOX festival. Past prose includes “The Lunatic, the Lover, and the Poet,” a trilogy of “non-fiction novellas” on the power and perils of imagination, and the personal essay collection “Portrait of the Artist as a Young Woman.” Currently I’m working on the libretto for “The Enchanted Organ,” an operatic burlesque satirizing the porn industry throughout its history. I also will be regularly contributing to the “Snapshots” section of the City of Strangers blog at  http://cityofstrangers.net and publishing regular pieces to this web site.