Welcome to Charlotte Jackson’s Web of Wordcraft!

Wall Mural in Bed-Stuy

Hello friends! I’ve decided that it’s time to join the twenty-first century and establish a Web presence for my writing. Over the next month I’ll be curating and uploading a portfolio of my best work, including the full libretto for The Rat Land; the infamous Valentine’s Day essay; and excerpts from my essay-novella trilogy “The Lunatic, the Lover, and the Poet.” Some early pieces only exist in hard-copy or (O horrors!) on floppy disk, so bear with me as I patiently transcribe…
Meanwhile, I’ll throw up some trifling poems and vignettes to entertain the select few friends and fans who can see this preview site. I’ll be redesigning the page (with the help of Tim Beckett, my personal Web consultant) and generating new material as I go. So look out for updates in the days to come…

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