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TO: Grotty Lotty

Re: Please to open attach Massage for more detaila!

Paxil Victims given Millions $$$$;
Get your pajama jeans today!

Re: Enjoy the perfection that is Iced Gevalia!
(Not available in stores!)

Find love at;
Everyone deserves a free cell phone.

Dearest Grottylotty,
Have you taken Darvocet?
Are your children Christian?
–Then you really need to see this…
Knock Knock! Free grocery coupons are here.

Bid winter adieu with colorful favorites!
Find Friends with Benefits
(and be Naughty!)
A Professional Agent is here to assist…

Xanax online store!
No more banks—Get gold shipped directly to your door!

Your new career as a nursing assistant awaits.
Silk springs eternal whether lion or lamb!

Almighty Bible for Kids:
A better Bible for today’s children;
(Won’t you help us end the tyranny
of male incontinence?)

I am married but lonely.
Why wait to have an affair with me?

Please, don’t let those who count on you down…
Become a certified nursing assistant today!

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2 Responses to SPAM POEM (XX)

  1. Norman Manea says:

    I do remember you as a brilliant, extremely gifted student and I regret I lost the connection with you.

    Norman Manea

    • charlotte says:

      Dear Professor Manea,

      I am so sorry not to respond to your kind message earlier. I have been sadly neglecting this website and not keeping it up to date, so I only now saw your comment. It is very good to hear from you! I recall I tried to call you many years ago when I first moved to New York, but I am not sure if you ever got my message–perhaps it was not even the correct number. I too remember you and your class as one of the more enjoyable and interesting experiences in my college “career” (if one can call it that) and would love to reconnect. My email is

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