Social Media Blues

Photo: Kodomut (Flickr)

The saddest words
well, one’s a number):
Comments: 0
The runner-up:
Followers: 1.
At least it’s not my boyfriend!
Nor a relative neither!
Hmm, perhaps that’s sadder still?

People You May Know:
Nope. Actually: I Don’t.
O, Lonely of Lonelies:
I “liked” my own link.
I’m chasing my own Long Tail.
Why, oh why, must my namesake be
a minor celebrity?
Why must the topmost search
auto-complete “Charlotte Jackson–Hot”?
Her CL(EEEEEE)|(AAAAAA)VAGE is on Goooooooogle.
am on Page Four.
is messing up my S.E.O.!
(BTW, Bounce Rate
Sounds like something cheery.
But it’s not.)
Facebook suggests
Mennonite Senior Living
will appeal;
Gmail wants to know
if I have a dirty toilet bowl.
There is no one I have not “friended”
that I still want to “friend.”
Now I think I’ll just log off and read a book
That is, if the library
hasn’t thrown them all away.



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