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TO: Mr. Gordon Beeferman

Re: Hello, Mr. Smallest Weenie in the World!
Your instrument should be thicker…
Ladies will know what means long item.
Re: Damn! You ejaculatte in five minutes.
No wonder she is so angry…

Re: Is safest and most modern way to not cover with shame.
It will help you to shoot more and more.

Re: Your detail is too small to give much pleasure?
Make it bigger.
Start enlarging your size now
with the Super Cure that we discover.

Re: Hoist your darling sexuality!
with assistance splendid meds.
Awesome bonus for every visitor!
Wholesome effect ensure.

Re: With your big horse you can insert him, even into the Statue of Liberty.
Your proud friend down there
will be invited to perform on the red carpet.

Click at the moment…

Re: Pump in your lady stronger obstructionist retailer
Want to see her happy tears?
What if every nigth (sic) could be that splendid?
You can’t influence your manhood’s firmness.
But we know the thing that can!

Re: Your big blessing will be sent from somewhere above.
How to get good results with women?
Here it is!
We are waiting for you!

(No wonder she is so angry…)

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